Wednesday, May 3, 2017

2016-2017: What a year!

This week is finals week (You've studied, right???),  This is the time of year everyone wishes they went to Hogwarts:

With that being said, the Vise Library decided to do a year in review.  We thought it might be interesting (fun?) for you to see how the library was used this semester (we also used some fun .gifs to illustrate our point):

Gate count: We had over 34,000 visitors in the library this school year, compared to 23,000 this time last year.  

Circulation: We had over 3,000 movies, errrr, books I mean, checked out since the fall semester began.  This is about 700 more than last year

Reserve items: Our wonderful professors put specific materials aside that they feel would be helpful for our students to use in their classes.  These items were used 286 times, which is about 100 more than last year.

Databases: Everyone has been doing their research this semester (good job guys)!  We have had over 170,000 searches through our databases since August (130,000 last year)!  We can tell when final papers have been due...there has been a steady increase over the past month or so.

Questions:  There is no such thing as a stupid question!  Last year we were asked 3,400 questions. We have answered over 5,500 questions ranging from "How do I print something?" to "Can you help me with this citation?" to "Will you help me write my paper?" (The answer is no to the last question, in case you are wondering.)

Interlibrary loan: We have borrowed about 250 items this semester for students, faculty and staff (30 more than last year).  We have also loaned around the same amount for other institutions to use.  Sharing is caring.  (ha!)

New items: This semester we really concentrated on adding not just school related items, but also fun things as well.  We have added almost 900 new items to our collection this year (cue confetti).  That is almost 300 more than last year!!  You will find that we added quite a few movies for you guys to watch or fun books to read during all your downtime.  We think it is important to offer things that help you take a breather from school, in moderation.  

IT Requests; One million.  Kidding! However, I am sure our IT department feels that way!  We love our IT department.  They have been very helpful to the library this year and we wanted to thank them!

We wanted to thank the faculty, students and staff for being so supportive of the library this entire year.  We received many suggestions for new items and we are always happy to listen to what the people want!  This has been our busiest and best year ever, so we thank you.

Good luck to our students (and faculty) during finals week.  We will miss the seniors that are graduating and are looking forward to seeing the new and old faces in the fall!  Make sure that you stop by the library for a caffeine and sugar boost so that when you are done with finals you feel like this: