Saturday, August 4, 2012

Check It the Vise Library: Where We Belong

After five successful, relationship-themed bestsellers (Something Borrowed [which was turned into a movie starring Kate Hudson and Ginnifer Goodwin], Something BlueBaby Proof, Love the One You’re With, and Heart of the Matter), Emily Giffin has a loyal fan base.  Her new book Where We Belong had a lot of anticipation. This new book deals with heavier topics than her previous books.  This book is about a successful TV producer (named Marian) who is confronted by her daughter who she secretly put up for adoption 18 years before.
Marian is a producer for a top TV show who likes to be in control of her career and personal life.  Even though her life seems great on the outside — a gorgeous apartment on Madison Avenue, dating the CEO of her network — Marian has never told anyone (except her mother) about giving up her child for adoption.  She never even told the father, Conrad, who was her first love.  Their romance developed the summer before she left for college and produced an accidental pregnancy that Conrad knew nothing about. 
Marian’s life takes a wild turn as her daughter, Kirby Rose, shows up on her doorstep, looking for answers.   The chapters alternate between Marian and Kirby’s point of views. Their first meeting is awkward as each one tries to learn about the other.
As the two try to get to know each other, we learn about Marian’s love story with Conrad. The story is heartfelt and emotional. As in all her novels, Giffin’s gift of writing makes the reader care about her characters.
You will root for Marian and Kirby (and of course Conrad makes an appearance!) and learn about the price of secrets.  If you are a fan of Emily Giffin’s other books you will treated to the cameo of a previous character.  This is sure to be a fan favorite and gain her new readers at the same time. This book is one that you will enjoy reading but be sad about when you finish! Make sure to check this book out from the Vise Library and enjoy yourself a good read before school starts!