Sunday, November 18, 2012

Check It the Vise Library: The Song Remains the Same

Nell Slattery, one of two survivors of a cross-country plane crash, wakes up in a hospital in Iowa with no memories of the accident...or anything else. As she tries to piece her life story together with help from her family and husband, she discovers that they're altering her history in a way that doesn't give her the whole truth about who she really was before the crash. Thanks to a playlist of songs her sister made her (called "The Best of Nell Slattery"), she begins to regain memories of her life, including the things that were best left forgotten.

This book started out really promising. The concept of amnesia isn't new, but the idea of regaining memories based on hearing certain songs seems unique. However, the characters aren't easy to relate to or even like very much. I often found myself asking why I should care about what happens to the characters or what the point of the story was. The book is available for checkout at the Vise Library, so give it a try and see if you enjoy it more than I did!