Monday, June 27, 2016

Book Review: Conquest by Jaime Boust

We were given the opportunity to read Conquest by Jaime Boust.  Read below to find out what this book is about and to see what the Vise Library thought about it!

About the book:

Brie Baggio thinks she’s ready… for marriage, kids, the whole shebang. She’s pushing forty, and even though she’s the Senior Anti-Aging Ambassador at Los Angeles’s hottest med spa, Botox can’t paralyze that nagging feeling that it’s now or never. But when she witnesses a wild act of public sex, Brie tears her marriage plans apart and composes a sexual bucket list of scenarios she wants to experience before she settles down. She has life yet to live, lessons to learn, and someone to find—herself—along the way. Smart, sexy, chock full of pop culture, Conquest is a love letter and instruction manual to modern women everywhere struggling to find love. Brie’s list will take her into the murky waters of adulthood, make her tangle with sexbots, undergo Trinidadian cleansing rituals, and engage in full-scale social media self-sabotage, but will it lead her to love?
Brie thought she was ready for marriage.  She found the guy and fixed him up to fill the spot.  However, on the afternoon that she should be saying "yes" to the guy, she instead has a revelation after she sees a couple in public in a very compromising exhibition.   She realizes "the guy" really isn't perfect after all.  She realizes that she hasn't experienced everything she feels like she should have before she ties the knot.  This leads Brie to coming up with a list of sorts to engage in before she finds the perfect guy that she doesn't have to fix to make perfect.

Conquest is hilarious.  It is also a modern take on women going after what they want without feeling shamed by being female.  Brie's new list makes her let go of the pressure of finding the "right" person and it was refreshing.  This book pushes gender roles and what one is "expected" to be like.  This is a very fast read and the beginning of episode ten had me laughing out loud!  Brie's friends are just hilarious and by the end of the book you wish you had Brie as a friend in real life.  

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About the author:

Jaime Boust is a writer whose work ranges from literotica to magical realist alternate histories. She is the recipient of the inaugural David Carr Prize for Emerging Writers at SXSW. Her fiction includes Book Club and Conquest, stories that stroke the zeitgeist of sex-forward female comedy tackling topics of beauty, aging, relationships, and self-worth with a feminist bent. She got her wits about her on the hills of San Francisco, the streets of London, the sewers of Paris, and the suburban wilds of Oakland. These days you'll find her dodging traffic in Los Angeles with her husband and two kids.
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