Thursday, June 11, 2015

Book Giveaway: Crow Hollow

The Vise Library has been given a copy of Crow Hollow to host a giveaway (see below for giveaway!) in celebration of its publication.  

About the book:

Wall Street Journal bestselling author Michael Wallace transports readers back in time to the late 15th century with his new book CROW HOLLOW (Lake Union Publishing | June 1, 2015). Two unlikely partners—a young Puritan widow and an English spy—journey across a land where greed and treachery abound.
Packing all the punch of a thriller, with all the rich detail of a historical, Wallace’s new novel takes readers on a treacherous journey. Crow Hollow tells the story of Prudence Cotton, a young Puritan and recent widow, who must embark on a relentless journey to rescue her daughter from the Nipmuk tribe. Convinced her daughter is alive, but unable to scour the wilderness alone, Prudence teams up with James Bailey, an agent of the crown, who has been sent from London to Boston to secretly cause unrest.
After his partner is murdered, however, James finds himself in need of Prudence’s help as much as she is in need of his, and the two set off into the wild New England landscape looking for clues that will lead Prudence to her daughter. What they confront in the wilderness, and discover about each other, could change their allegiances forever, and alter each of their destinies.
CROW HOLLOW is an epic adventure novel that will keep readers breathless until the last page. As a true thriller novelist, fans of Dan Brown and Stephen King will enjoy Michael Wallace’s razor-sharp storytelling.

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About the author:

MICHAEL WALLACE was born in California and raised in a small religious community in Utah, eventually heading east to live in Rhode Island and Vermont. In addition to working as a literary agent and innkeeper, he previously worked as a software engineer for a Department of Defense contractor, programming simulators for nuclear submarines. He is the author of more than twenty novels, including the Wall Street Journal bestselling series The Righteous, set in a polygamist enclave in the desert.

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To be entered in the giveaway for a free copy of Crow Hollow leave a comment on this blog post about who (real or fiction) you would like to accompany you (and why!) on journey like the one Prudence and James go on in Crow Hollow.  We will pick a random winner to receive a copy of this book!  Good luck!!!  

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