Friday, March 16, 2012

2012-13 iRead selection

The 2012-13 iRead selection is...

(drumroll please)

Our Patchwork Nation by Dante Chinni!

The description calls it a "proactive counterargument to the blue/red divide that illuminates our country's multidimensional political spectrum." This book is a timely choice duing the Presidential election season and will help readers see that politics consists of more than being in a "red state" or "blue state".

Chinni, along with political geographer James Gimpel, has divided the nation into twelve distinct community types, such as Boom Towns and Tractor Country. The book shows the differences in Americans' shopping, voting, and behavior patterns.

Library staff hopes to be able to bring the author to campus during the Fall 2012 semester to discuss his book. 

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