Friday, April 13, 2012

Return Your Library Items! (Please)

Now that the semester is coming to an end (yippee?!!?), the library would like to remind you to RETURN YOUR LIBRARY ITEMS!  It is easy to forget them when you have papers and exams coming up, but if they are not returned it can affect you later on.  If your items (books or movies) are not returned, the business office puts a hold on your student account.  This means that if you want to check your grades, sign-up for new classes, or worse graduate, you will not be able to.  The library staff sends out friendly reminders before the hold is placed on your account, so do not ignore these.  If you have lost the items that you have checked out, then you are responsible for the cost of replacing them.

If you have any questions either contact us at or see our policies page on overdue/lost materials:

Good luck with the rest of the semester!

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