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Fall Reading Challenge 2014: Kitchen Love Story by Camille Finan #FRC2014

This fall, members of the Vise Library are going back to school by participating in a Fall Reading Challenge. We have received copies of several books from publishers for honest reviews. We hope that you enjoy these reviews (and books)!

The book for our Intro to Workshop class is Kitchen Love Story by Camille Finan.

About the book:

Gone are the days of the traditional, ridiculously expensive kitchen remodel that's more form than function. Yes, you can have a new, beautiful, functional kitchen at a reasonable price! Camille Finan will show you how. 

Kitchen Love Story was written for women by a woman. Licensed contractor and cabinet builder Camille Finan, is your personal kitchen construction advocate. Throughout the book, Camille shares lessons from years of experience building and remodeling kitchens. She will inspire and empower you to solve those kitchen conundrums that drive you nuts as you create and execute a plan that is both practical and affordable.

You'll get the answers to these questions and more: -Where do I start, what's DFIO and why is it so important? -Can my kitchen feel 'high end' without breaking my budget? -What's worth the money and what's not? How do I avoid being ripped off? -How do I hire contractors, sign contracts and develop an 'escape plan?' -What should I expect during the remodel experience? -How do I make sure it got done correctly? In your hand are the tools you need to get unstuck, make the right decisions for your kitchen remodel and make it happen. You can do this! Camille Finan will lead the way.

Remodeling a kitchen can feel overwhelming, but this book simplifies the process of where to start.  So many times a lot of people choose what looks pretty and not necessarily what is functional for their needs.  This book informs you of some of the things people do not think about when designing a kitchen.  For instance, Camille suggests having drawers for a lot of items instead of cabinets.  That is due to the fact that we really only use what we see, so a lot of items end up not being used because we can't see them.  It is also a hassle to reach some of these items, so someone has to rearrange a lot of the cabinets to get to one item.  No thank you!  So instead, she suggests putting things in drawers and organizing items by how frequently they are used.  That seems like a pretty easy concept, but again, some people focus on the look of their kitchen and not the function of it.  There are also tips on money saving techniques when planning on a remodel.  I thought this book simplified a lot of the process.  Camille also has a resource library for different forms to help with the remodeling process.  I have highlighted a few things in this book to refer back to when our kitchen gets remolded.  I would recommend this book to anyone that is felling overwhelmed about what choices to make when remodeling their kitchen.  It is an easy manual, but also educates the reader so that they feel comfortable talking to contractors and other specialists that will be involved with the project! :)

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About the author:

Carpenter Camille Finan is the founder of CarpentryU and the creator of the new design system called DFIO Design From the Inside Out. After years of running her own successful businesses, Camille returned to her carpentry roots and found her niche in kitchens. After noticing how the market was underserving its female clientele, she turned her back on traditional kitchen design to embrace DFIO to solve the most common kitchen problems average families encounter. CarpentryU, a series of educational workshops, is designed to teach women to get the most from their power tools. Camille has worked with thousands of women to design and build the kitchens of their dreams.

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