Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Advice for Olivia Bloom from Blushing!

Last week the Vise Library wrote a book review for Katie Delahanty's newest book Blushing.  (You can find the review of that book here!)  I thought (with a little help!) it would be fun to do something a little different with this book.  Since the main characters are engaged and I am recently married, I thought it might be interesting to give Olivia Bloom some advice in the engagement/planning a wedding department!

For some reason when you first get engaged people expect you to have all of the details of when? where? worked out the moment you get engaged.  It seems like you just slipped on the ring and are expected to have all of this thought through.  When your engagement is a complete and utter surprise, there is no way for this to happen.  So my advice is just to enjoy the moment and let it be about the two of you (that's what it is supposed to be about anyways isn't it???) without any added pressure.  Everything will sort itself out and it will just take time.  Do not feel like you need to have everything worked out overnight; planning a wedding takes time.  This should be fun, not stressful!

Now that you are engaged, your new best friend will be Pinterest.  I honestly have no idea how people planned any kind of event without this site.  You can find all the inspiration you need for your Old Hollywood themed wedding here.  I have started creating your own personal board here to get you started!  I tried to find things to fit you and Berkeley's style! :)  Pinterest helped me to appear to be more creative than I actually am in real life.

The next step you need to worry about is about those engagement pictures!  Picking the right photographer can be very difficult.  You want to make sure they can capture such a happy time.  If you do not have a lot of pictures of the two of you, this can be an excuse to have beautiful pictures taken that you can use to decorate your future home.  Now, make sure you do not make any mistakes of these couples.  I found that the pictures that weren't as posed and more real feeling were the ones that worked best for us.  Just be you!

When the big day is finally here, remember to take it easy.  My husband and I decided to see each other with a couple friends and family before the ceremony.  Those are some of my favorite pictures and helped me calm down before I had to say my vows in front of everyone.  It was a very special moment and it was great to have pictures from it.  Remember to take multiple pictures with everyone!  After we got our wedding pictures back, I realized I only had one picture of my dad and myself together.  We were so busy trying to make sure things were moving along that we did not take time for more pictures.  That is the only thing I regret.  Our wedding was very small (about ten people) with a larger reception for more friends and family.  This suited both of us perfectly.  This allowed us to share that moment with people that had supported us from day one and then celebrate with everyone else.  People may become upset, but in the end it is again just about the two of you!  Maybe this could be something the two of you would be interested in. :)

One of my last bits of advice to both you and Berkeley would be to just be happy.  Of course there will be stress along the way, but just be confident in your commitment to each other.  Life isn't perfect. But if you have something good to hold on to, the bad doesn't seem so terrible then.  Overall, just remember what is important in the long run!

I hope this advice has been helpful as you begin to navigate through all the bliss of an engagement and wedding.  If you have any other questions Olivia (and Berkeley!) then I am your girl! :)

For more information about Katie Delahanty, Blushing and In Bloom, check out Katie Delahanty's website!  Her books are available for purchase here.

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