Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Fall Reading Challenge: Put a Ring On It by Beth Kendrick #FRC2015

This fall, members of the Vise Library are going back to school by participating in a Fall Reading Challenge. We have received copies of several books from publishers for honest reviews. We hope that you enjoy these reviews (and books)!

The book for our Commitment Crash Course class is Put a Ring on It by Beth Kendrick.

About the book:

The author of New Uses for Old Boyfriends returns to the Delaware seashore town of Black Dog Bay, where one woman learns to put passion before practicality…

Brighton Smith doesn’t do outrageous. As an insurance actuary, it’s her job to assess risk and avoid bad investments. But when her fiancĂ© calls to confess he’s married someone else on a whim (“I looked at her and I just knew!”), she snaps…

That night, at a local bar, Jake Sorensen—hot, rich, and way out of her league—buys Brighton a cocktail. At midnight, she kisses him. And by dawn, they’re exchanging vows at a drive-through chapel.

Brighton knows Jake is a bad bet, but she doesn’t care. After a lifetime of playing it safe, she’s finally having fun. Until the whirlwind romance gives way to painful reality...and Brighton finds out the truth about why a guy like Jake married a girl like her. With her heart on the line and the odds stacked against them, Brighton must decide whether to cut her losses or take a leap of faith that this love affair is one in a million.

Put a Ring on It continues Kendrick's series in Black Dog Bay.  Even if you haven't read the other books, don't let that discourage you: you can easily pick up any of the books.  You do get glimpses of past characters, which is always fun.  This book centers around Brighton, an actuary that memorizes statistics and is following her ten year plan to a capitol T.  Her fiance breaks up with her and she decides flees to Delaware.  She is there visiting a friend and meets Jake, the residential rebound guy.  That same night she gets a call from her (now) ex-fiance that he met someone that day and married the girl.  Brighton is obviously mad and seeks out Jake to get her revenge.  They drink a lot and fly to Vegas for a very impromptu wedding.  So, SURPRISE, they are married now.  Brighton agrees to stay with Jake for two weeks before ending the marriage and returning to her real life.  Brighton tries to uncover a lot of Jake's past, but can't quite figure out why he agreed to marry her or what he is all about.  Eventually, she gets hit with a bomb that is Jake's past.  I won't get into anymore than that, since you need to read it for yourself and bask in the greatness that is this story!  You will love seeing Brighton getting to do something she actually enjoys and seeing the layers of the mysterious Jake unravel.  If you enjoy fun reads, make sure and add this one to your TBR list, you will be so glad that you did! 

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About the author:

Author of twelve women's fiction novels, including the Black Dog Bay series and "Nearlyweds," which was turned into a Hallmark Channel original movie. Loves rescue dogs, red wine, and the Chicago Cubs. 

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