Thursday, July 28, 2016

Book Review: Perfectly Good Crime by Dete Meserve

We were given the opportunity to review Perfectly Good Crime by Mete Meserve.  Read below to find out what this book is about and to see what the Vise Library thought about it!

About the book:

When the estates of the 100 wealthiest Americans are targeted in a series of sophisticated, high tech heists, Los Angeles TV news reporter Kate Bradley must venture inside the world of the super rich to investigate the biggest story of the year.

As the heists escalate, Kate's search is thwarted when the Los Angeles police detective she's been working with mysteriously disappears, her senator father demands that she stop reporting on the heists, and the billionaire victims refuse to talk to the media. Kate uncovers clues that those behind the robberies have shocking, yet uplifting, motives--it just may be a perfectly good crime that brings about powerful change.

Further complicating her life is a dream job awaiting her in New York, a choice that could shatter from her deepening relationship with Fire Captain Eric Hayes. Kate must trust her instincts--and her heart--in a high stakes search that will test everything she believes and force her to decide where she belongs.
Some of America's wealthiest families are being targeted in a ring of high tech heists and a lot of good things start happening for the less fortunate (Robin Hoodish maybe?).  Kate is a news reporter that steps in to investigate what is happening and shows us what happens with TV politics when there is a war between the integrity of getting a good story versus going for higher ratings.  Kate is thrust into the spotlight for this story and uncovers the reason behind the robberies.  Not only does this story impact Kate professionally, but personally as well.  Her relationship with Eric is put to the test when she has to make a decision between her own ambition and the person she loves.  

This book is a follow up to Meserve's previous novel Good Sam.  I haven't read the first book in this series but I was able to pick up this book pretty easily.  Perfectly Good Crime is a great mix of suspense and drama with an underlying message of giving back.  This book will have you turning the pages quickly to figure out who is behind the heists but also with what happens with Kate.  Such a fun read with a great message!

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About the author:

Dete Meserve is an award-winning author who is searching for Good. Like Kate Bradley in the novels 'Good Sam' and 'Perfectly Good Crime,' Meserve searches for people who are doing extraordinary good for others. While most mysteries focus on finding the killer or kidnapper, Meserve's novels focus our attention on finding the helpers, the rescuers, and the people who bring light and hope into the world with their selfless acts of kindness. When she's not writing, she is a film and television producer in Los Angeles and partner of Wind Dancer Films. Meserve lives in Los Angeles with her husband and three children—and a very good cat that rules them all.
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