Monday, May 11, 2015

Book Review: The Lake Season by Hannah McKinnon

Members of the Vise Library were selected to review The Lake Season.  We received a copy of Hannah McKinnon's book for an honest review.

About the book:

Set in the weeks leading up to an idyllic New England wedding, this “enticing and refreshing” (Nancy Thayer, New York Times bestselling author) novel sparkles with wry wit, sweet romance, and long-kept family secrets.

Iris Standish has always been the responsible older sibling: the one with the steady marriage, loving family, and sensible job. But all of a sudden, as her carefully-constructed life spins out of her control, a cryptic postcard from her estranged sister Leah arrives at the perfect time: Please Come. Iris seizes her chance to escape to her childhood lakeside home, where Leah is planning her summer wedding to a man their New Hampshire clan has never met.

Against a backdrop of dress fittings, floral arrangements, and rehearsal dinners, Leah hides secrets of her own. And while her sister faces a past that has finally caught up to her, Iris prepares to say good-bye to a future that is suddenly far from certain. As new love beckons and Hampstead Lake shimmers in the background, Iris must decide when to wade in cautiously and when to dive—and, ultimately, how to ferry herself to safe harbors in this enticing novel of second chances and the ties that bind.
Iris is having a bit of a rough time.  Her husband has recently asked for a divorce.  Her oldest daughter Sadie is treating her very coldly as well.  Iris is having a hard time coping with the separation and needs to get away to think.  She receives a postcard in the mail from her estranged sister. Leah (who is getting married), asking her to come to the town they grew up in. Iris hasn't been back home in a very long while and hasn't even met the man that Leah is marrying.  When she arrives to her childhood home she realizes how different things are and how much she has missed in her time away.  As things start to reveal themselves, Iris realizes that Leah could have used her help in the previous year.  Just when the relationship with her sister becomes stronger, something terrible happens to Leah.  The whole family is devestated and Iris has a lot of reflection time.  Iris starts to rediscover herself in her time away and she realizes that the person she has been while she was married is not really her at all.  Iris discovers new passions and becomes stronger.  She realizes that she has put herself last for such a long time and when she meets someone very special she has to decide what is best for her family as well as herself. 
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About the author:

Hannah Roberts McKinnon was born and raised in the hills of Fairfield County, Connecticut. An avid animal lover, she grew up riding horses, writing poetry, and reading anything she could get her hands on. From a young age she dabbled in the arts, settling on painting and writing stories about her pets, friends, and family. The daughter of two teachers, she had a love of English at an early age. 
After attending Skidmore College and Connecticut College, she traveled overseas to Australia where she earned her MA and Sixth year degree in Education. Hannah taught elementary school for 10 years, in Fairfield and Ridgefield public schools. She combined her love of writing with her love of children, and after having her first daughter decided to devote herself professionally to writing. Franny Parker is her first novel. Her second novel, The Properties of Water, is due out in fall 2010. She remains an animal lover, devoting herself to wildlife rescue, and volunteering for numerous dog charities. She continues to write at home in Connecticut where she lives with her husband, two daughters, and one excellent dog.

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