Saturday, May 9, 2015

Book Review: Vote for Remi by Leanna Lehman

Members of the Vise Library were selected to review Vote for Remi.  We received a copy of Leanna Lehman's book for an honest review.

About the book:

Fiery US government teacher Remi Covington is relentless in her desire to impart the genius of the democratic process to her students. Her so-called “academically challenged” high school seniors sometimes find her enthusiasm more than a little annoying―so, in an effort to teach her a lesson, they execute a brazen, high-tech, social media blitz touting her as the newest candidate in the upcoming US presidential race. Much to everyone’s surprise, Remi plays along with her students’ ruse―and in a nation weary of politics and career politicians, she unexpectedly finds herself the darling of the American public. As the campaign takes on a life of its own, Remi is forced to confront a myriad of long-held social biases and cultural clichés, and realizes she isn’t quite the woman she thought was. Vote for Remi is about a would-be a presidential candidate who, despite being all wrong―the wrong gender, the wrong party, and certainly the wrong social status―discovers that she might be exactly what America needs: someone with a passion for doing what is right.

Remi Covington finds herself in a very unusual situation: a candidate for the President of the United States.  The kids in her US government class were inspired from a lesson she gave in class about how as long as a person meets the constitutional parameters that ANYONE can technically run for president.  Her students post a video about what Remi thinks is wrong with Washington and somehow the video is a social media whirlwind.  What started off as somewhat as a joke, becomes something seen by millions of people.  Remi becomes an actual contender.  However, even though she seems to the support of the everyday people, the media and professional politicians are out to get her.  

Remi's students become her campaign managers and they set out to change Washington through the presidential run.  Remi vows to see the campaign to the end, but it isn't always easy.  Her relationships suffer and she has a hard time balancing her personal life with the everything that is demanded of her by running.  At one point when she can no longer recognize herself, Remi wonders if all politicians start out with good intentions and then end up losing their way.  You feel for Remi as she has to defend things she did when she was a kid or the actions of other people in her life.  It had ring of truth from that aspect since we see so many smear campaigns from politicians instead of them focusing on their own platforms. There are tragic things that happen along the way, but it is an interesting read in the sense of seeing how the social media firestorm propels Remi to places she never thought she would be!
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About the author:

Leanna's first book, Vote for Remi, is due to be released Spring 2015. She lives in Fallon, Nevada and is currently working on her second novel.

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